You should be worried about how much info WhatsApp shares with Facebook | Technology | The Guardian

Facebook is pushing a mysterious and aggressive ‘privacy update’ on WhatsApp users. Here’s why.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players will be put in separate galaxy to base game friends | Eurogamer

Elite Dangerous players wanting to make use of the new features found in the space sim’s on-foot-focussed Odyssey expansion will be required to play in an expansion-exclusive version of the galaxy when it comes to PC on 19th May, separating them from their base game friends.

How to Annotate and Highlight PDFs in Microsoft Edge

There will be times that you have to markup a PDF, highlight specific text, or annotate something. Instead of searching for a dedicated PDF reader, you can perform all of that inside the Microsoft Edge web browser.

“Right to Disconnect” – Implementing a Timed Disclaimer in Exchange Online with Azure Automation

Over the past year, the pandemic has disrupted traditional work patterns. With many working from home, many organizations now focus on how to help employees manage their work/life balance. Microsoft Viva Insights helps, but there are many steps admins can take using existing technology to support a wellbeing mindset in our organization.

Dune: Dave Bautista on the Script and Getting Cast by Denis Villeneuve

Guardians of the Galaxy is inarguably the film that cemented Dave Bautista’s jump from the wrestling ring to the big screen, but it was a brief role in Denis Villeneuve‘s Blade Runner 2049 that catapulted him firmly into “oh crap, he can act” territory.