“Right to Disconnect” – Implementing a Timed Disclaimer in Exchange Online with Azure Automation

Over the past year, the pandemic has disrupted traditional work patterns. With many working from home, many organizations now focus on how to help employees manage their work/life balance. Microsoft Viva Insights helps, but there are many steps admins can take using existing technology to support a wellbeing mindset in our organization.


Securing a new world of hybrid work: What to know and what to do – Microsoft Security

The cybersecurity landscape has fundamentally changed, as evidenced by large-scale, complex attacks like Nobelium, Hafnium, and more recently last week’s Colonial Pipeline attack, which signals that human-operated ransomware is on the rise.


RSA Conference 2021: New innovations for Azure Sentinel – Microsoft Tech Community

This past year has put unprecedented strain on security teams, and many are preparing to “return to normal” with a new view of what it will take to protect their organizations. Environments are still increasingly distributed, threats are more difficult to catch through overwhelming noise, and security analysts need to efficiently work across remote teams.


Microsoft 365 admin center network connectivity is now generally available – Microsoft Tech Community

We frequently hear from customers that they are concerned whether their users are getting the best possible performance and experience with Microsoft 365, which is often determined by the quality of connectivity that their users have and how Microsoft 365 connections are handled by the networks and network solutions between the client and Microsoft.  Customers ask how they can measure and see the quality of network connectivity for their Microsoft 365 users and get insights how to optimize it further. That’s why we are excited to announce the General Availability of Microsoft 365 Admin Center Connectivity and the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool!


What’s new: Incident Team – collaborate in Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Tech Community

The modern SOC runs on Microsoft Teams

Over the past year, as working from home became the new normal, the role of digital collaboration in SOC processes grew for many organizations. With analysts no longer having the convenience of being able to walk over to the next office to collaborate on incidents, they instead find themselves connecting over chat, email, or video.

The soaring success of Microsoft Teams and the new challenges of remote work made Teams a tool of choice for many of our customers – which led Azure Sentinel to come up with Microsoft Teams collaboration.


Getting Started with Azure Blueprints [With Step-by-Step Demo]

Imagine deploying the same Azure resources repeatedly, like resource groups, policies, and virtual networks. Humans are not efficient in repeating tasks without failing. What if you can package these resources so that you can deploy them in one go? Azure Blueprints is the way to go.