First glimpse of ‘CShell’ running on Windows 10 Mobile hardware

Now, Zac from WC and I have quite a lot in common – we’re both Brits, we both leap on new builds of Windows 10 Mobile and devour them – but we also have different levels of risk aversion, it seems. When Microsoft put out an early build in the ‘162xx’ region last week, mistakenly, Zac and I both grabbed it anyway. I was this close to letting it install, despite warnings of ‘bootloops’, but chickened out at the last minute and cancelled the update on my test devices. Zac meanwhile thought ‘what the heck’ and somehow negotiated his way around the bootloop on an HP Elite x3 – or maybe the problems don’t happen on the Snapdragon 820 chipset?Anyway, to cut a long story short, he found that this new Redstone 3 build of Windows 10 Mobile included the new CShell or ‘Composable Shell’ and so, a few days on, we have a nice video from Zac demonstrating it. We have landscape operation (albeit not very optimally) of the Start screen and we have a more advanced experience in Continuum mode, with resizeable windows. Both nice to haves, though the real significance of what he’s showing in the video is more profound, as I comment at the bottom here.

Source: First glimpse of ‘CShell’ running on Windows 10 Mobile hardware


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