Cardano’s upcoming DEX SundaeSwap has its eyes on blockchain interoperability – AMBCrypto

Ever since smart contract functionality was deployed on the Cardano network, users have waited for decentralized applications to be released on the blockchain. In this context, Cardano received massive criticism for the delay. However, it was eased out this week when SundaeSwap announced its upcoming launch on Cardano’s testnet on 5 December.

You Could’ve Made $1 Million Investing Less Than $1,500 in These 3 Cryptocurrencies | The Motley Fool

A popular TV game show from a few years ago asked the question, “Who wants to be a millionaire?” The answer is easy — nearly everyone.

Crash? What Crash? This Cryptocurrency Just Replaced Dogecoin and Shiba Inu As a Top 10 Token | The Motley Fool

This weekend, there was some rather impressive volatility in the crypto markets. A flash crash early Saturday morning led to a number of key large-cap cryptocurrencies losing a tremendous amount of value in short order.

How I’d build passive income starting with £20 a week – The Motley Fool UK

When I started my first office job (temping during university holidays in 1987), I think my hourly wage was at most £3. Thus, in a 35-hour week, I would make £105 before tax. After paying rent and other expenses (and partying!), I had precious little money left. Even so, I tried to put some aside, even just a few pounds a month. My goal was to build an investment portfolio so large that the passive income it generated would allow me to retire rich.

Elon Musk Uses the 85 Percent Rule to Help Staff Increase Productivity with Less Energy |

In a recent memo to Tesla staff, Elon Musk asked workers to reduce Q4 transportation and delivery costs by avoiding additional expenses such as fees to expedite, overtime, and extra resources such as temporary contractors. He noted that he didn’t want staff working like crazy at the end of the quarter, only to be met with a nosedive come Q1.

Source: Elon Musk Uses the 85 Percent Rule to Help Staff Increase Productivity with Less Energy |

If working for Revolut is so harsh, why do people keep going back? | eFinancialCareers

Arjun Thind has joined Revolut, again. Thind, who graduated in mathematics from King’s College London around a decade ago, left Revolut in to become a consultant in August, but quickly concluded that this was a mistake.

What is blockchain gaming? Basics of Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Decentraland, and blockchain gaming explained

With the rise of blockchain technology, decentralised gaming is gaining attention globally, spearheaded by the likes of the blockchain-based games Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND), Decentraland (MANA), etc. Here’s what blockchain gaming is all about.

Here Are the Top Gaming and Metaverse Altcoins in Crypto, According to Coin Bureau – The Daily Hodl

The host of popular crypto channel Coin Bureau is outlining which metaverse altcoins he believes investors should keep a close eye on.